What to bring to the tournament

First of all bring you best mood and biggest smile, since it’s an anniversary party. And obviously bring enough goalball gear and some comfortable evening clothing. But serious, we provide you with everything you could need.

The municipality of Urk in cooperation with the Dutch Red Cross, will facilitate in a dormitory with cod beds. It will include a blanket and a pillow. So no need to bring anything. But if you’d like to bring your own pillow and a sleeping bag, please feel free to do so. We will be sleeping in the middle hall of the sports venue. Everyone who is staying with us will receive an ID-card which grants access to the dormitory. If you’d wish to take a nap during daytime please think of bringing eyeshades, also handy during a goalball match. And maybe earbuds would be a good thing to bring for both day- and nighttime.

Besides that some cash euro’s or a debit/creditcard would be great for ordering drinks and snacks in the canteen. And last a charger would be a great thing in this digital age, great for continuous sharing and liking our tournament.

Update: Airport shuttle

Our Airport shuttle is departing fromSchiphol Airport at 19:30 on Thursday the 18th. For those whom will be arriving by plane, we’ll do our best to pick you up at arrivals. For those arriving by train please find us at the meeting point at Schipholplaza, we’ll be wearing a yellow shirt. In case you’re delayed or can’t find us, please contact Wim Gerlagh at +31652635150.

If you didn’t sign up for the shuttle and wish to use it, please inform us by our contact form.

Meeting point at Schiphol Airport

We will be watching you!

Waahh, scary. No not at all! It’s just that we will be livestreaming the event. We have two match halls and we will be streaming one of them. Which? Well hall 1 ofcourse. This is also the place where the finals will be. So share, invite, like and make sure all your friends, family, club mates and nabours will be watching you! Check out the livestream page.

Schedule DOG Cup

We have a game schedule for you. We will be playing a total of 32 matches with a total of 13 teams. This means about 5 matches per team. There will be 8 Open Class teams and 5 Elite Class teams. We have split the Open Class into two pooles, A and B. Wanna know which teams are coming, check the teams page. Check out the game schedule now!

I got a boom bang feeling

Why, well because we’re almost there. Thats why we made a newsletter to keep you up to date of the latest news around the tournament. We’ve added you to the list because you’re participating. Would your team mates or friends also like to recieve our newsletter with all the latest, sign them up at our website.

We’d love to see you soon

Airport shuttle

Dear team / official / volunteer,

We would love to pick you up at our nearest airport; Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. In order to make sure we book our shuttle bus at the right time we’d like to know when you will arrive. Please fill in the following form. NOTE: We expect you to arrive on Thursday the 18th.

If the form doesn’t load, please visit it at our website.