Traveling to Urk

Visit us by car, plane, public transport or boat? Everything is possible, just pick and choose.

The tournament will be held at:

sports hall De Vlechttuinen
Vlechttuinen 8
8322 BA Urk

By car

From the North (Zwolle)

  • Start at the A7 to Groningen
  • Take te E22 towards Heerenveen
  • Go further on the A6 in the direction of Amsterdam
  • Take Exit 13 Urk/Nagele

From the South (Arnhem)

  • Start at the A50 towards Zwolle
  • At the end of the A50 continue on the N50
  • At the end of the N50 follow the A6 towards Amsterdam
  • Take Exit 13 Urk/Nagele

From higway to sports hall

  • Take a left at the roundabout towards Urk
  • Go right at the second roundabout
  • Go over the bridge and take a right on the roundabout
  • At the following roundabout go left
  • Then go right on the next roundabout (yes we have a lot of them 😉 )
  • Take the first exit to the right, you have reached your destination

By plane

The Netherlands has a couple of airports. The biggest is Schiphol Amsterdam which is also the nearest. A smaller one is Eindhoven Airport. Are you traveling from far away, overseas, then Dusseldorf or Antwerp may be an option. We advise to go by Schiphol though.

We will be offering a Airport Shuttle. It leaves Schiphol at 19:30 Thursday eve. It will arrive back at Schiphol around 18:00 at Saturday eve. Please contact us for more information and booking.

By public transit

When you are traveling by public transit plan your trip towards bus stop: Winkelcentrum, Urk. Planning public transit in the Netherlands could be done best by planning site 9292.

If you’re traveling by public transit, please contact us. We would love to assist you, give you directions and welcome you at for example the bus stop.

You might also plan your trip to Schiphol Airport. We will offer a shuttle which will depart at 19:30 Thursday eve. It will return back at Schiphol Airport around 18:00 Saturday eve. Please contact us for more information and booking. .

By boat

Did you know Urk used to be an island? Nowadays  you could travel by car or public transit to the village. But in the past you had to bo by boat. Do you want that historical experience? Then go by boatthis ain’t the most efficient way to travel though. Want to know more about the history of Urk?