About the tournament

On October 19 and 20 we will organize the first Dutch Open Goalball Cup, also known as: DOG Cup. The DOG Cup is a open tournament for all types of goalball teams. Whether you would like to join us with a fully male or female team, it’s fine with us. But you are also welcome with a mixed team. And whatever your level is, feel free to sign up in one of our two classes.

The tournament will have an Elite class for experienced, or national teams. The second class is an open class for intermediate and young rising teams. It will take place in the village of Urk and is being organized by the local Goalball Club Urk & Zwolle (GVUZ). It will be held in a modern sports hall where we will have two halls available for the tournament. The games will be played by the official IBSA rules with the exception that we might alter the length of the game depending on the amount of teams joining us. But we promise games will last at least 8 minutes per half.

We’re starting early in the morning on Friday 19 October, so it is advised to arrive in our town on Thursday the 18th. And if you do we are planning a nice entertainment program (more information will follow shortly). We have arranged camp beds to spend the nights in the sports hall, so there is no need to bring those lousy airbeds. We would love you to join us in camping in the sports hall. Would you prefer other accomodation though, you can find some nice accommodations here.

The finals will be played on Saturday in the afternoon, afterwards the tournament ends and we have to say goodbye :-(. Would you like to stay longer? That’s great Urk is a really nice village, did you know it used to be an island? Read more about Urk here. If you’re staying longer or arriving early, you’ll need an accomodation. Here you can find some great accomodation in Urk.

You should also know

The fee for participating is € 75,- per teammember and staffmember. Therefore you will get three meals a day (starting with dinner on Thursday 18th and ending with lunch on Saturday 20th), a camp bed including linnens, evening entertainment and maybe even a goodie bag. So sign up now! or enquire some more information by contacting us.

We are still very busy with the organisation so more information will follow.