About the club GVUZ

Goalball Vereniging Urk & Zwolle (GVUZ) is a fairly young goalball association in the Netherlands. The club is a small and divers group of athletes with a lot of fun in the game. Together we train once a week in Zwolle. Zwolle you say, then why is the DOG Cup in Urk I hear you ask. Well, to understand that you should know a little about our history.

History of GVUZ

Some of our members have tons of experience. With a goalball career of over thirty years it’s fair to say, they have been around. They started in 1981 as a part of ‘Revas De Peperbus’, a sports association for disabled people. This lasted until 2011, at that point our ways seperated and we founded our own goalball club.

Founding our own club was possible because of the great increase in members we faced in 2011. All those new members in that year were inhabitants of the small village of Urk. In the first couple of years we trained at two locations, Urk and Zwolle. That’s why it’s in the name ;). Unfortunately we had to stop practising in Urk in 2015.

Doing stuff

We love doing stuff though. Really, doing stuff? Yes, stuff. In the past we’ve been involved in organising a fair for visually impaired persons in Urk. Later on in 2015 we hosted the Dutch Championship. Sadly we only became fourth, luckily we had an awesome day of playing. And now we would love to organize the (maybe first of many) Dutch Open Goalball Cup, AKA: DOG Cup.

We’re celebrating our 5th anniversary

The DOG Cup is organized as a celebration of our fifth anniversary. We believe that you have to celebrate anniversaries with friends. And although we don’t know each other (yet), you’re welcome too. Come on over and have a party of hard competitve goalball matches with us. Oh and if you might be asking: “huh? you wered founded in 2012 and you’re celebrating your fifth anniversary in 2018. Those numbers don’t add up!”. Well you’re probably right. But in our defence, last year we were busy doing stuff. So sign up here!