19th and 20th of October

Note the date, cause at that date the first Dutch Open Goalball Cup (DOG Cup) will be held in the Netherlands. A two day tournament for all goalball players. Whether you would like to join with a fully male, female or even a mixed team. It’s okay with us. And whatever level your team is, we would love to welcome you in our beautiful home town Urk because we got something to celebrate. Click here to read more about the tournament.

Picture with the skyline of Urk

We got something to celebrate, join us!

GVUZ Club logo

The DOG Cup is being organised by the local Dutch goalball club GVUZ. Why? Well simply because we have something to celebrate. We’re celebrating our fifth aniversary and what is a better way to do that then with friends? Right, even more friends. So even though we might not know each other, we would love to get to know you. Do you want to get to know us, here is some more about GVUZ.


Meeting point Schiphol Airport changed

We just got informed that the famous meeting point at Schiphol Airport has just been removed. Lucky for us is it replaced by a new one. The new point is situated at Schipholplaza between track 3-4 and 5-6. It is marked by a white pilar with a meeting point sign….

No patching

You may be used to patching, you might love it or hate it. But we won’t be doing it. We trust you to play a fair game or you will be penaltied accordingly. So no eyepatching needed at our tournament. What is needed are proper eyeshades. If your equipment is…

Coaches meeting

The day before the tournament we will have our coaches meeting. Thursday the 18th 22:00, right after dinner we invite all team coaches to join us in the meeting room opposite the changing rooms. We’ll inform you about the tournament specific rules, the program and everything else you’d need…

Days Until DOG Cup

October 18th, 2018
to go.

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